Welcome to the Okanagan Water Database.

The Okanagan Basin Water Board and the Province of British Columbia have completed Phase 2 of the Okanagan Basin Water Supply and Demand project, a basin-wide study of surface and groundwater resources in the Okanagan Basin.

The data collected by this project is housed in the Okanagan Water Database.

Data Sharing Requests:
  1. Visit the Okanagan Water Supply & Demand Project website or contact OBWB to determine what data, data products, or reports are available for immediate public access.
  2. If the data you are seeking is not available for immediate public access, download and complete the OBWB Data Sharing Request Form, Protocol & Agreement (PDF) to submit your data request.

Public Access to the Viewer:
No account is required. The Okanagan Water Supply & Demand Viewer displays interactive maps of water sources, water use, and other results of the Okanagan Water Supply and Demand project. Click on the logo to be transported to the Viewer:
Public Access to the Okanagan Water Supply & Demand Viewer